PRESS (Compression Molding)
Compression molding technology was not much used in the past but has recently become popular due to the arrival of pre-pregs and new resin matrices specially studied for the process. This makes it possible to achieve previously unthought-of performance and quality.

Pre-preg composite material is placed on a heated open mold cavity, usually in CNC worked metal. The material is then closed in the mold and compressed. Heat and pressure are maintained by special curing cycles. Generally speaking there are two types of processes: one for the use of long fibers with preformed shapes, the other for the use of short chopped fibers. Both use heat-setting resin matrices and some products may use both types of fibers.

This technology is used to produce complex small or large parts involving, for example, holes and concave shapes, without the need for further machining. In particular, it speeds up the curing cycle and provides the possibility to use multi-cavity molds for producing a number of parts simultaneously. Compression molding technology is also used to produce fairly intricate parts, highly resistant, rigid and lighter weight, as well as to apply co-curing for inserts, bushes or other elements. This easy method can be applied to complex products inexpensively.

Products made by this technology have applications in many areas:
Transport and Automotive
Space industry
Oil and Gas
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