About us
FAPS srl has been on the world market for high tech composite components since 1979. Since its foundation the company has focussed on composite material transformation to achieve finished items that meet the needs of customers who require exceptional performance from their products.

The know-how we have acquired and its constant development are the consequence of a FAPS research team of engineers working in collaboration with prestigious private and public internationally renowned structures.
In years of activity FAPS has manufactured components for many different sectors: industrial, sports, furniture and light fittings, boats, aeronautics and science (radio telescopes), medical (prostheses and walking aids) and energy saving, demonstrating its versatility and ability to work in many fields.

Over the years its technological research and innovation activities have led to the filing of many European patents.

Our areas of excellence:
  1. Machining of carbon fiber and composite materials in general, with exclusive dedicated processes.
  2. Careful design
  3. Innovative pressure heat cycles for homogeneous finished products with high structural and aesthetic precision
  4. Meticulous quality and process control at all stages of processing
  5. Delivery times punctually observed
Over the years the company has become a renowned leader on its market, with its own trademark products and industrial components to incorporate into more complex systems
Composite materials used
FAPS uses pre-impregnated composite materials (pre-pregs), i.e. materials in which the fibers (carbon, aramid, glass, etc.) are already prepared with a resinous thermosetting matrix, so that composite materials with extremely slim tolerances in resin and fiber content (otherwise unobtainable with other technologies) can be achieved. This provides the best performance with constant quality and repeatability in high tech, industrial and sports sectors.
In addition, the use of pre-pregs makes possible:
  • Shapes and bonds impossible for other materials (e.g. metal)
  • Infinite possibilities for fiber orientation
  • Excellent mechanical performance in bending, torsion and compression
  • High rigidity
  • Specific thermal, mechanical and chemical properties
  • A clean healthy workplace
  • Transforming jobs without harmful fumes (typical of “wet” processes)
  • Extremely low emissions of volatile organic compounds
Carbon fiber
Carbon fiber was discovered by Edison in 1878; it is produced by heat treatment (Pyrolysis) of several parent polymer compounds:
  • Rayon
  • Polyacrylonitrile (PAN)
  • Aromatic Polyamides
In relatively recent times fibers have also been produced from pitch (residue from tar distillation). Carbon fibers are obtained by graphitizing organic rayon or polyacrylonitrile (PAN) textile fibers in an inert atmosphere at over 2000°C. The originating fibers are called parent compounds. During the graphitization process the fibers undergo traction and the extent of the pull exerted determines the Young modulus for the product.
The increase in the modulus causes a decrease in tensile strength. For this reason there are carbon fibers with high modulus, whose tensile strength is penalized, and those with low modulus with greater tensile strength. The two types are known as C1 and C3 respectively, or by the English terms HM («High Modulus») and HS («High Strength»). There are also definitions such as Intermediate Modulus and Very High Modulus. Carbon fibers have a significant advantage over fiberglass: very high elastic modulus, low specific gravity and a very low heat dilation coefficient.
For this reason they are replacing fiberglass in all fields where the aim of the project is good structural characteristics, together with low weight, high rigidity and considerable dimensional stability at varying temperatures.
In spite of considerably higher production costs than those for fiberglass, the excellent mechanical properties of carbon fiber make it very popular”.
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